Your own mind

2 min readJun 6, 2021


Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash

I don’t know where to begin but at some point, we all have to start. I try my best to be the best. I put up a facade of being okay, being in control, of trying my best at everything, at trying to be who i’m not. I've lost myself to myself. Consumed by modern society. Every day I want to separate myself from the rest. I do not fit in. I don't want to relate to society. Seeing what humanity has become in the past few years is truly terrifying. No one notices. No one cares.

Day after day hour after hour shit happens people walk by like it's nothing. People may say they are trying to change but most of the time it's backed by greed and the need to be respected by peers.

The is happy as long as you can get Netflix and consume or the mass-produced content online. Writing I just can’t. This world.

Don’t get complacent with what you have all too often we play ball to this ideal, complaint after complaint. Look at me right now all I’m doing is complaining no real impact. Just another voice.

The biggest enemies in the world are not superpowers like Russia or china they are simply your own mind. Your own mind stops you from getting that report done. Your own mind allows you to watch “just one more episode” of your favourite show. Your mind allows you to be influenced by others and create this atmosphere of hate and jealousy.

For too long people put off making change, not because of external factors. Just blatant excuses that are used to prevent uncomfortable tasks. Real change occurs when it goes against the current norm.

Start shit. Life happens, get over it. The world changes and so do you. For better or for worse. The world doesn't care about you so why should you care what it thinks.

Start. The best advice I have ever heard. Whatever you want in life you can get it just takes a little patience and time. You can’t wait for the perfect time because that will never arise. Get going in whichever way you can. Perfection comes with time. Not through preparation make mistakes. Keep pushing keep driving for what makes you happy.

I’m a pseudonym. you may never know who I am. do not look for answers. They are in my writing. this is who I am. just a voice trying to make sense of the fucked up planet. I’m doing what the fuck I wanna do. challenge me, argue with me. I don’t care I’m up for the challenge.

All I’m writing is brutal honesty that needs to be said. no sugar coating.




Brutal honesty we all need to hear. my mind spoken, open for all to interpret.