Your Revolution

2 min readJun 9, 2021


I wish I could help. I’ve matured too fast. I feel alone on this planet. I’m not sure if this is normal. I’m not sure I even care. Maybe you do or the person after you.

We should all be self-centred. Not in vanity but in self-worth. We should be helpful to others. What you give will be returned eventually. Can we just stop with all this motivational shit? As I browse quora and Twitter all i see is bs about Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and such.

Just people using their name for some quote that has no factual backing whatsoever.

Only Trust A Outsider As Far As You Can Throw Them.

This group cannot be family. Family always messes up in the end. Your closest friends, the ones you trust most. They are your go too’s.

Trust is the strongest currency, it is not wagered or betted on one another. It is a bond of two or more. Trust is undefinable. No matter where you look trust is there waiting to be leveraged. Key to success.

You really need to question what success is to you. What wealth is? These are personal opinions much like politics. modern society is a murderer, killing peoples dreams by feeding them false ideals instead of opening their minds to new outreaches in life.

People are beginning to realise, waking up, opening their eyes to this reality, slowly change is happening. Patience is a saint. Greatness comes at a cost. Time is that cost.

Why should we believe the top? They are outside of the loop. Coming from poor does not make you poor once you've made it. understanding is different to experiencing it first hand.

Politicians are where they want to be. Professional liars, I wish they actually envoke what they promise. Most are in on false truths. Those who aren’t are shadows compared to the real giants.

Why are all politicians over the age of 30? stupidity is the fact that old think young is inexperienced. We should all be on an equal playing field. The young have so many great ideas that get overlooked or written off. Revolution is needed in our outdated systems. Government and taxation.

Why should qualifications and prestige rule over your voice in politics? You have to have a set amount of experience for some reason. It contradicts democracy at its core level.

It all needs a refresh. I see why no young have started in the UK and especially the US.

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Brutal honesty we all need to hear. my mind spoken, open for all to interpret.